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Carpet Care

Nothing protects your carpets more than a professional cleaning by Genie Carpet Care. With our state of the art cleaning processes, you can trust Genie Carpet Care to care for your carpets and we ensure you the best results possible when using our carpet cleaning services, not only protecting your investment but extending the life span of your carpet.

First we start by pre-vacuuming all areas to be cleaned. We then pre-treat with a safe, biodegradable, non-toxic cleaning solution. This solution is sprayed deep into the carpet fibre to loosen soils.

After the solution has been given time to work, we extract all the soil and cleaning solution using a heated conditioning solution from our large TRUCKMOUNT steam cleaning unit. Our water cooled engine with larger vacuum blowers and larger water pumps are designed and built to run at lower speeds whilst still generating blistering performance.

We finish off by protecting all furniture legs and use a carpet groomer to fluff and re-set the carpet fibres. This system typically allows the carpet to dry to the touch within four hours

Each operator is given intensive training in the use of equipment and the application of carpet cleaning technology.

This photo shows some spot cleaning at Kings College

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